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10 Best Crypto Exchanges in USA and Apps of Year 2024

Cryptocurrency in USA

In the year 2024, the landscape of digital currencies is undergoing rapid transformation. Leading cryptocurrency exchanges and applications are essential in this evolution. You may trade digital currencies with the aid of crypto exchanges, and crypto applications make it simple to keep track of your stash.

There would be no crypto economy without these tools, which facilitate simple investments and transactions using digital currency. Let’s know the cryptocurrency exchange in USA and apps using this guide to make wise and measured crypto investments as you delve into this intriguing realm.

Fees of Best Crypto Exchanges and Apps

App Name Fees (Maker/Taker)
Mudrex 0.2% on transactions
Kraken Maker: 0.00-0.16%
Taker: 0.10-0.26%
Gemini Maker: 0.25%
Taker: 0.35%
Coinbase 0% – 3.99%
Varies by type of transaction
eToroe Maker: 0-0.16%
Taker: 0.1-0.26%
CoinDCX 0.2%/0.2%
WazirX 0.2%/0.2%
Robinhood Robinhood doesn’t disclose trading fees
Binance 0.1%/0.1%
Webull Pay Webull doesn’t charge fees for trading crypto

10 Best Crypto Exchanges and Apps

Based on their success in observable metrics like volume, ratings, popularity, flexibility, etc., we have compiled a list of the top crypto exchange services.


When it comes to cryptocurrency exchange in USA, Mudrex is tops due to its user-friendliness and variety of investment alternatives. You may invest in more than 350 different currencies and tokens, and it’s easy and quick to do so.

You may invest whatever amount you decide after funding your wallet and selecting a currency or token. In addition, it provides excellent security features such as cold wallet storage and biometric identification.

Kraken is a famous cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers intuitive and secure software for trading cryptocurrencies. Advanced features like margin and futures trading are available. Kraken is a dependable choice for cryptocurrency enthusiasts all around the world because of its robust security standards, which ensure safe transactions.

Kraken was hit with charges by the SEC in November 2023 for running an unlicensed securities exchange, broker, dealer, and clearing agency. Customers are put at risk by Kraken, according to the SEC, because of the company’s business practices, such as mixing user funds with its own. In court, Kraken is battling the accusations, which he denies.


The Gemini app is safe, simple, and easy to use. With its user-friendly design, trading and storing any of the over a hundred crypto assets it offers is a breeze. You can keep tabs on your whole cryptocurrency portfolio and keep a list of coins you’re interested in buying in the app.

Plus, you can utilize the app to acquire crypto with credit card either once or on an ongoing basis, depending on your needs. crypto taxes USA, Coinbase is a great place to start. It is perfect for those who are new to the cryptocurrency industry because of its specialized features and user-friendly layout. Buying, selling, and managing a portfolio are all made easier by the platform’s minimalist design.

Easy account creation means new users can get up and running fast. Notably, Coinbase provides instructional materials, including articles and videos that help newcomers to the cryptocurrency market comprehend the nuances of the industry. As a beginner in the world of cryptocurrency trading, this help is priceless for expanding one’s expertise.

In June 2023, Coinbase was sued by the SEC for allegedly offering and selling unregistered securities and unlawfully acting as a broker-dealer and clearing agency. Claiming to have done so on purpose, the complaint contended that Coinbase broke securities rules meant to safeguard investors. According to Coinbase, business will go on as usual.


Users may trade stocks, commodities, and crypto taxes USA on eToro, a worldwide trading network. A major European stock-trading program that has just expanded into the American market for bitcoin. In 2021, cryptocurrencies accounted for 61% of their revenue mix.
Through the app’s social trading function, users may watch successful investors make trades and try to copy their strategies. The extensive investment opportunities and educational resources offered by eToro are well-known among traders of all experience levels.


CoinDCX is an established cryptocurrency exchange in India that has been around since 2018. It has a reputation for being user-friendly and having strong security measures. It advertises itself as user-friendly for beginners and offers fast fiat-to-crypto conversions by tapping into liquidity on major exchanges like Binance.

With its Singaporean registration, this controlled site provides access to a plethora of currencies and trading pairings. CoinDCX is one of the most prominent and secure cryptocurrency exchanges. Its $1.1 billion value attests to its prominence in the industry.


When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, WazirX is one of the most well-known and well-liked platforms in India. Its instinctive interface makes it suitable for traders of all skill levels. Removing the need for intermediaries and allowing instantaneous conversions between fiat currency and cryptocurrency, its revolutionary peer-to-peer (P2P) trading mechanism is a noteworthy feature.


While Robinhood is most known as a sleek stock, options, and ETF trading software, it has just branched out into cryptocurrency. Also, it enters the cryptocurrency market with its no-commission structure. The user base increased from half a million in 2014 to 22.9 million in June 2022. In addition, the app’s net revenue has been rising consistently since its official introduction, and it reached 91 million USD in the second quarter of 2021.

Trading on Robinhood is free, but the fees are actually embedded into the price of a coin when you buy or sell it (a spread markup) instead of a straight commission. The app’s fast transfer function allows you to start trading almost instantly.


When it comes to crypto with credit card, Binance has quickly risen to the top. It provides support for a broad variety of cryptocurrencies and operates internationally. The website, which is Binance’s American counterpart, allows users to trade a limited number of currency pairings without fees and serves both individual and institutional customers. Among its many trading instruments and native coin, BNB is a full-fledged digital asset ecosystem. Buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency is a breeze using the smartphone app.

Webull Pay

The feature set of Webull is superior to that of Robinhood, even if it isn’t the shining example of a trading app. Webull, like its famous competitor, provides commission-free stock, option, ETF, and cryptocurrency trading. In a similar vein, Webull incorporates your cost into its bitcoin transactions via a spread markup. Webull Pay is an independent program that facilitates crypto trading and allows users to trade in basic currencies.

Case Study: Convenient Crypto Investment Opportunities, Even for Newcomers


The customer is an American cryptocurrency startup. To get the best bargains, the project’s crypto trading software links several crypto exchanges.

The client’s goal, when it was first launched as a web app, was to boost engagement among current users and attract new ones. The client’s demand for an iOS app was determined during user research. Lacking staff with the appropriate skills, the company hired others to construct an iOS client app on top of an existing backend system.


A large portion of the web app’s users are crypto traders. On the other hand, there were two main types of users that the app aimed to attract:

Those who have never traded cryptocurrency before;
Individual traders aren’t too concerned with short-term gains and instead focus on the big picture.

These user subsets often make investment choices based on high-level data and trade mainly from their mobile devices. To avoid overwhelming users, the app had to deliver precisely the right amount of info.

Even if the primary audience was mainly functionally tolerant, it was still necessary to update the data promptly. It is crucial to monitor changes in cryptocurrency prices since they are more unpredictable than stock prices.


A native iOS app was built by the team to assist customers in buying and selling cryptocurrencies, keeping track of their assets, and checking market conditions.

Collaborating with the customer, they compiled a list of all required financial reports. Utilizing competitive analysis, client knowledge, and user research data, they were able to narrow down the reports to a select few. The reports are powered by the TradingView library, which also provides the app with charts that are both lightweight and informative.

They used WebSockets to update data quickly.
Light and dark themes are available in the app to help reduce eye strain.

The following technological solutions were put into place during development: an iOS framework-based frontend, the TradingView library, the WebSockets API, and the Facebook SDK.


Your requirements will determine which cryptocurrency trading software or exchange is ideal for you. Consider using an app or exchange that supports trading a variety of digital currencies. However, you would rather not dabble in anything except the most prominent ones, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few others. In that case, numerous of the platforms listed below are more than capable. However, you should also think about the cost before creating an account.

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