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South Korea Crypto Guide

Regarding blockchain and cryptocurrencies, South Korea has emerged as one of the most prominent players in the Asia-Pacific region. The public has become more aware of the cryptocurrency business as its popularity has grown. South Korea has adopted a proactive stance on digital asset regulation, enacting rules meant to guarantee the smooth and secure functioning of the local cryptocurrency market. You can easily buy Crypto with credit card here.

Is It Legal to Buy Crypto in South Korea?

South Koreans can register for an account on a cryptocurrency exchange to purchase cryptocurrencies and use their actual identities to prove who they are. However, there is one exception.

To put a stop to criminal activity, South Korea did indeed establish a prohibition on trading cryptocurrencies anonymously.

South Korea Crypto Guide

How to buy Crypto into South Korea? 

Various cryptocurrency exchanges are accessible in South Korea for you. Here are the procedures to buy Crypto with credit card in South Korea:

  • Look for a trustworthy Bitcoin exchange that operates in South Korea. In South Korea, a few well-known businesses include Coinone, Bithumb, and Upbit.

  • Make sure you register for an account on the exchange and complete all required verification steps, which could include submitting identification papers and personal data.

  • Once your account has been validated, you may fund it using a bank transfer or another payment method approved by the exchange.

  • After you have money in your account, go to the BTC trading page and place a purchase order for Bitcoin. You can purchase Bitcoin using South Korean Won (KRW) or any other cryptocurrency the exchange could support

How to buy Crypto with credit card?

Here’s how to buy Crypto with credit card:  

  • Step 1 – Choose Buy with cash from the main menu to begin.
  • Step 2 – Choose Credit or Debit Card as the next step.
  • Step 3 – To get a list of all accepted fiat currencies, choose USD from the menu.
  • Step 4 – To select your local fiat currency, browse the list or type its name into the search area.
  • Step 5 – To buy Bitcoin with your fiat currency chosen, enter the desired purchase amount and touch the BTC button.
  • Step 6 – To complete your purchase, go to Buy and either Add a new card or Select the card you’d want to use.
  • Step 7 – If the total is correct, touch the Confirm button at the screen’s bottom

How to buy Crypto with PayPal

Currently, it is the simplest way to use PayPal to acquire Bitcoins. The alternative approaches are all much more costly or labor-intensive. Here’s how to buy crypto with PayPal:

  • Create an account without spending any money.

  • Select the Money Deposit option.

  • Identify yourself.

  • Deposit the desired amount and choose the currency.

  • Select the PayPal payment option

Top-3 trading platforms for Crypto in South Korea

Let’s look at the three best exchanges in South Korea for trading cryptocurrencies, which you can buy Crypto with credit card:

1. UPbit


One of the significant technology firms in South Korea is UPbit, a cryptocurrency exchange situated in Seoul. The business is one of the busiest in South Korea and accepts Korean won as payment. Upbit is also available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

The software also offers trend analysis and market data, allowing users to trade and acquire cryptocurrency wherever possible. In addition, it will enable users to view real-time pricing on the lock screen and deliver alerts.

2. Coinone


Coinone is another major South Korean cryptocurrency exchange. The platform facilitates the administration of digital assets and trade in several digital currencies. For instance, Coinone accepts Korean won in addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. Futures and margin trading are also available on the market.

Coinone’s mobile app provides quick and straightforward crypto access. Trading charts and real-time market data are available in this app.

3. Korbit


The Korbit cryptocurrency exchange was established and is headquartered in the Gangnam, Seoul. Known for its safety and dependability, this cryptocurrency exchange was one of the first in South Korea. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP are just some cryptocurrencies that may be traded on the site.

Korbit’s mobile app makes it possible to buy Crypto with credit card and trade cryptocurrencies from anywhere, and the platform’s UI is user-friendly and intuitive.

Payment options for buying Crypto in South Korea and which is best?

To buy Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency is a simple, fast, and secure option through:

Using a debit or credit card –   Korbit has considerable support from venture capital firms, and it is the first Bitcoin exchange in South Korea. The site is popular among its users because it is accessible in Korean and English. Users may buy Crypto with credit card using the South Korean Won (KRW), the country’s fiat currency.

How do you withdraw from crypto wallet in South Korea?

New regulations mandate that cryptocurrency transactions take place only via real-name bank accounts, meaning that a customer must:

  • Open an account in the same bank as their cryptocurrency dealer.

  • Withdraw funds from their digital wallet.

Which crypto wallet has the lowest fees in South Korea?

Skilling is an easy-to-use website that allows beginners to invest in Crypto. Skilling is the leading cryptocurrency trading platform in South Korea. It has a wide selection of cryptocurrencies, minimal transaction fees, easy-to-buy Crypto with credit card and top-notch security. Skilling adds a 0.1% fee to the maker and the taker of Bitcoin transactions.

Tax on Crypto in South Korea

The South Korean government has delayed until 2025 its intention to tax cryptocurrency profits at a rate of 20%. The first step is the implementation of investor protection regulations.

When the South Korean government first declared that people would have to pay 20% of their crypto profits beginning in January 2023, the law faced widespread opposition.


Governments are generally supportive of innovation and market transformation. Still, they are wary of the use of cryptocurrencies due to the possibility of their being abused for fraud, money laundering, and other illegal activities. With an eye on fostering innovation and development in the cryptocurrency sector, you can easily buy Crypto with credit card. Still, South Korea has enacted several rules to that end.

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