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Japan Crypto Guide

As far as cryptocurrency regulation goes, Japan is one of the few nations in the world that has moved forward and you can easily buy Crypto with credit card. The Japanese have been deeply attached to tradition and eager to adopt new technologies. Consequently, the Japanese have emerged as leaders in computer science and cryptocurrency.

Japan Crypto

Is It Legal to Buy Crypto in the Japan?

In Japan, cryptocurrency trading is permitted on official marketplaces. Buying cryptocurrency follows a standard method that a newbie may understand. To buy Crypto with credit card from an exchange and have it sent to their wallet, they must:

  • First download a crypto wallet on your mobile device.

  • Go through the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure.

  • Enter debit or credit card information, and finish the purchasing process.

How to buy Crypto into Japan?

Getting set up to purchase Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency in Japan may be completed in about 10 minutes. The fundamental steps to buy Crypto with credit card in Japan are shown below:

  • Start trading by opening an account
  • Carry out the necessary Know Your Customer checks
  • Put down some cash
  • Get some digital money
  • Transfer the crypto to your wallet

How to buy Crypto with Credit Card?

There is a particular order to follow when you buy Crypto with credit card. Here’s how to use a credit card to invest in Crypto:

1. Check out the credit card – Researching the credit card and payment service provider is the first step if you want to buy Bitcoin using a credit card. This is due to the fact that not all major credit cards allow for Bitcoin purchases.

2. Research the exchange – You can buy Crypto with credit card on specific marketplaces, but you may not be able to on others. Credit card purchases via an exchange may not be done quickly owing to the validation steps used to rule out fraudulent transactions. Peer-to-peer (P2P) systems are used for Bitcoin transfers on businesses that don’t allow credit card purchases. Therefore, investors must do homework to determine which exchanges accept their credit cards.

3. Get your credit card linked – After digging and finding an appropriate exchange, you must verify your account by submitting personal information to adhere to KYC regulations. Connecting your credit card to the marketplace is the next step. Simply choose the add new card option and fill in the required fields with your complete name, CVV, card number, expiration date, and billing address.

How to buy Crypto with PayPal?

One of the most popular digital wallet services, PayPal, has allowed its users to purchase and trade cryptocurrency using their PayPal accounts. Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts have been anticipating this for a very long time. Here’s how to use PayPal to acquire bitcoins:

  • Step 1 – Log into your account and pick Instant Purchase. Buying Bitcoin this way is the quickest method available.

  • Step 2 – Choose the number of tokens you want to get.

  • Step 3 – If PayPal isn’t already set as the default payment method, you may pick it here.

  • Step 4 – After deciding how to pay, the last step is to click the Buy Now button

To buy another cryptocurrency, follow the same procedures as before; only this time; pick the coins you want to buy from the drop-down option.

Top-3 trading platforms for Crypto in Japan

Here is a list of the three most popular Japanese trading platforms to get you started:

1. Bybit


Bybit has quickly become the go-to cryptocurrency exchange for Japanese investors because of its thorough familiarity with the specific requirements of local consumers and it’s streamlined on boarding procedure.

The site caters to its customers by accepting a broad range of JPY deposit options, such as bank transfers, JCB cards, Line Pay, and credit and debit cards.

2. BitFlyer


BitFlyer is the largest and most trusted cryptocurrency exchange in Japan, processing more Bitcoin trades than any other platform.

It serves inexperienced and seasoned traders by offering two distinct trading platforms: the essential BitFlyer exchange and the more complex BitFlyer Lightning.

3. OKX


OKE is a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange with over 10 million customers. Investors in Japan may use this platform to buy, sell, trade, and stake a wide variety of cryptocurrencies at low commission rates and tight spreads.

OKX provides many high-end services, including the ability to trade futures and options and access an NFT marketplace.

Payment options for buying Crypto in Japan and which is best?

Buy Crypto with credit cards, bank transfers, debit cards, convenience shop purchases, and e-money services, and these are all frequent ways to purchase cryptocurrency in Japan. Many people find bank transfers the most convenient and secure method, but this ultimately comes down to personal opinion.

How do you Withdraw from Crypto Wallet in Japan?

withdraw from crypto wallet

Here are instructions on how to withdraw Crypto from a crypto wallet in Japan:

  • Open your account and log in.

  • Select the Withdraw option after going to the Funds section.

  • Choose the coin that you want to take out.

  • Click Send after entering the target wallet address.

  • Click on Verify to confirm the withdrawal request after entering the 6-digit OTP or Google 2FA.

  • Check it out by opening the verification email.

The money will be taken out of your cryptocurrency wallet, and the token will be sent to the address you provided after the email is validated.

Which crypto wallet has the lowest fees in Japan?

Exness provides its customers with low spreads and individualized service. In addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, Exness supports over 35 other digital currencies. Exness provides traders of all skill levels with a wide selection of professional-grade trading tools and account options. At the same time, the company also offers a free sample account and micro-lots for minimal minimum transactions.

Tax on Crypto in Japan

Japan is one of the countries with the highest cryptocurrency tax rates in the world, at up to 55%. There are situations when income under 200k JPY is tax-free. People in Japan are trying to have Bitcoin treated as capital gains rather than ordinary income.

In addition, Japanese companies are taxed at a rate of 30% on their cryptocurrency holdings, whether or not they have sold. New legislation is being introduced that may modify this regulation.


At present, Japan is the most crypto-friendly nation in the world and a global leader in the blockchain business. In Japan, cryptocurrency is widely recognized as a form of payment that is treated as legal money, and you can buy Crypto with credit cardvery quickly. Japan is the largest Bitcoin market globally and was an early adopter of policies to govern the country’s cryptocurrency exchanges, financial institutions, and associated finances.

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